Institutional Feedback Policy


Feedback plays a crucial role in our continuous improvement and growth of learning and teaching in the college. Feedback policy is designed to create an open and transparent channel for communication among Students, Parents, Faculty, Alumni & Employers (Industry). It is understood that student feedback is an invaluable asset and it enables us to make informed decisions, refine our processes, and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. The performance of the college is increasingly analyzed based on effective learning outcomes. Feedback mechanism is essential to know whether the college is performing well and imparting qualitative education. Hence, the college imparts a policy to make feedback forms available for different stakeholders to analyze the performance on different aspects.


  • . To maintain a current consciousness of the desires and forecasts of students and stakeholders of the college.
  • . To provide space for continuous enhancement of all services, facilities and procedures.
  • . To audit and enhance the aspects of students` learning experience through the timely collection, analysis and reporting of student feedback concerning teaching, learning and assessment.
  • . To motivate students and stakeholders to participate actively in the continual improvement of programs.


The process is executed in three steps.

  • . Implementation, analysis and corrective measures by Principal/Vice Principals and further minuted in the proceedings of Governing Body of the institution.
  • . The feedback from stakeholders is collected online and offline mode.
  • . The feedback is analyzed.

Objectives of Analysis:

  • . Teaching-Learning Feedback: To check the quality of teaching and learning, identify teachers` performance, understand suggestions given by students.
  • . Syllabus Feedback: To check the effectiveness of teaching-learning, to analyze and assess the relevance and applicability of the course contents to real-life situations and industry requirements, Evaluate the balance of theory and practice, and the development of creative, analytical and critical thinking, suggestions from stakeholder to be forwarded to university
  • . Feedback on Academic and administrative performance: To improve the facilities provided to stakeholders Monitoring and Review:

The said policy is monitored and periodically reviewed by the IQAC of the College.