Master Of Computer Application (MCA)

Master of computer application (MCA)is one of the most sought after courses in India. It is an extremely balanced course with a lot of emohasis on planning,desiging & developing of complex Commercial application software &System Software.

MCA is a two years Master's Program.

The 4th Semester is dedicated to the project Work ,to be done in the industry. The Two years full time MCA course is not just a postgraduate course,but also a completeprofessional groomingof the student for a successful career in the IT Industry.

Objective Of MCA

To progress their career productively in software industry, academia, research, entrepreneurial pursuit, government, consulting firms and other Information Technology enabled services.

To achieve peer-recognition; as an individual or in a team; by adopting ethics and professionalism and communicate effectively to excel well in cross culture and inter-disciplinary teams.

To continue a lifelong professional development in computing that contributes in self and societal growth