The Institute offers regular two years MBA degree in the following two disciplines-

- Marketing and Sales Management    

- Retail Management

Education Methodology:

For effective quality teaching – learning the institute evolves a comprehensive student centric learning approach consisting of several stages designed

GGIMS encourages faculty members to adopt well preplanned, effective methods of teaching which helps the learners to develop holistic perspectives, strong domain knowledge, contemporary skills set with confident positive attitude.

The unique teaching learning pedagogy includes a mix of

  • Classroom teaching
  • Field experience
  • Case study
  • Business Simulation and Game Theory
  • Discussing corporate cases in the class
  • Audio Visual Sessions
  • Industry Institute Interaction
  • Case Studies and Role Plays
  • Guest Lectures from domain experts
  • Corporate Faculty
  • Workshops from Industry mentors
  • Educational Tours

Special Interventions

Personality Enhancement Programme is the unique programme exclusively offered at GGIMS which focuses on developing confidence and high self-esteem, improving communication skills matching industry standards, inculcating winning personalities, and eventually presenting them as dynamic leaders to the corporate world. It undertakes each student to a rigorous Lifestyle from the day they join the institute. They will be exposed to a wide range of physical activities, effectively teamed in groups, aimed at developing their physical strength and also sharpening their mental aptitudes.

Social Immersion Project (SIP)

Social Immersion Project (SIP) sensitizes students to the needs of the community and enables them to identify their social problems through research. They learn to design solutions for these social problems through a Techno Economic Viability (TEV) study.

For SIP GGIMS students can contribute in the field of  Anti-Pollution Drive, Old age support services, child rights protection, education, Heritage & culture development and preservation, legal awareness, women empowerment, etc .


Mentoring is a symbiotic and synergetic relationship with mutual benefits. The essence of mentoring is a sustained human relationship that helps young professionals at GGIMS gain from diversified experiences, wisdom and knowledge provided by industry leaders. Mentoring fosters a sense of bonding that builds reciprocal relationship.

Research Incubation:

The Research Incubation programme aims to equip students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The programme will facilitate students to develop research-oriented thinking which will enable them to thrive and innovate in today’s fast changing business environment. Students will pursue the research incubation course in group and will be tagged to a Faculty mentor, based on their specializations and a research mentor.

By the end of the course, students will be able to read research papers independently, conduct literature review, identify research gaps, collect primary/secondary data, perform data analysis and perform the interpretation of the data analysis.